About Us

Poseidon Estate is one of Northern California’s premier craft cannabis growers. Located in the city of Oakland, we specialize in small batches of high grade cannabis flower. Poseidon has been growing exotic strains for the past decade. Also known as one of NorCal’s best since the Prop 64 days, we’ve developed a cult following among cannabis connoisseurs.

Our Simple, Yet Effective Process.

Since being in business we have grown some strong alliances in the industry. We frequently collaborate with Apex Extractions on exclusive concentrate batches. These collaborations have garnered a few trophies via High Times and Hemp Con Cups. We’ve recently paired with Lobo Cannagars & Apex to produce 4 signature 3-Gram Infused Pre-Rolls. Collaborations with both these renown companies have solidified our following.

At Poseidon Estate, our cultivation team are consistently pheno hunting to curate current consumer trends.  Our menu is constantly updated with new genetics.